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HGH Results in Adults

Receiving a prescription for human growth hormone (HGH) therapy will significantly improve your health and vitality, but these changes will not happen overnight. Your body will reap the rewards of increased human growth hormone signals to the cells from your first HGH injection.

Many benefits work deep inside the body to improve inflammation markers, production of other hormones, cell regeneration, metabolism, and insulin sensitivity.

The process is different for each person, just as how the body handles declining hormone production impacts people in various ways. Because growth hormone (GH) receptors exist throughout the body and brain, symptoms differ depending on which receptors receive the most hormone signaling.

Most people who receive HGH therapy notice subtle changes in mood, sleep, focus, and energy during the first few weeks of treatment. Once you start experiencing each benefit, you will see further improvements over time.

Some websites claim impossible benefits, like anti-aging or increased adult height. Nothing can stop aging, although you might look and feel younger with your body working better. Once the growth plates at the ends of the bones have closed, you cannot grow anymore, although HGH can help strengthen bones and reduce joint pains so you might stand taller.

How long does HGH take to work?

HGH goes to work inside your body, beginning with the first injection. As human growth hormone enters the bloodstream, it rushes to the various receptor cells awaiting its signal. You will likely notice your first results depending on which receptors receive these signals.

Many people notice improvements in areas where they experience significant issues. GHD often interferes with sleep, energy, metabolism, and health. Adults frequently report fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain, and body aches. Because growth hormone has receptors located throughout various areas of the brain, lack of focus and mood changes, including depression, are expected symptoms of GHD.

At first, the changes are subtle, improving your sleep quality or energy. You may notice better focus and concentration or reduced stress (often due to a decrease in cortisol production as HGH levels rise). Cortisol, the stress hormone, opposes growth hormone and interferes with sleep.

The starting dosage of HGH therapy can also affect how quickly you notice some of the changes. Adults over 60 often begin with a lower dose (0.1-0.2 mg/day), gradually building up to the amount needed for optimum well-being. Increases are approximately 0.1 to 0.2 mg/day every one to two months until the ideal dosage is achieved.

It may take a little longer to see the desired results, but beginning this way reduces the risk of unwanted side effects. Starting low lets the body adjust to the increase in GH levels.

Once you begin HGH therapy, your mood and energy will continue to improve. You will notice positive changes in your appearance, cognitive functions, and overall well-being.

While changes and benefits of HGH therapy impact people at different times, there are some basic guidelines for what to expect – and when.

These results are subjective, so your time can vary by a month or two in each direction. These are averages based on thousands of people receiving HGH therapy.

Timeline of HGH results for adults
HGH results after 1 month
Improved sleep quality
More energy and endurance
Decreased stress
Improved mood
Internally, HGH begins working on inflammatory markers and insulin sensitivity
HGH results after 2 months
Improved cellular regeneration
Increased sexual desire
Faster metabolism
Improved lean muscle tone
Strengthening of hair and nails
Reduced feeling of depression
HGH results after 3 months
Improved focus
Increased lean muscle mass and strength
Better memory recall
Improved skin appearance (reduced wrinkles and fine lines)
Strengthened immunity
Decreased belly fat appearance
Hair growing thicker and faster
Improved flexibility
Reduced joint pains
Better sexual performance and stamina (including erectile functions and vaginal lubrication)
Reduced PMS and menopause symptoms in women
HGH results after 4 months
Decreased joint pains or complete disappearance
Improved cognitive functions
Increased endurance
Enhanced cardiac capacity and heart health
HGH results after 5 months
Possible reduction in skin discoloration and age spots
Improved skin tone and texture
Significant improvements in body composition – less fat, more lean mass
HGH results after 6 months
Decreased LDL and total cholesterol and triglycerides
Improved HDL cholesterol
More normalized blood pressure
Significant improvements in quality of life
Improved anaerobic capacity and physical function
Increased left ventricular mass, stroke volume, and cardiac output
Decreased peripheral vascular resistance
HGH results after 12 months
Significant improvements in inflammation markers
Increased bone mineral density
Improved insulin sensitivity

The positive changes you notice from HGH therapy will continue improving each month.

Are results different for men and women?

For the most part, HGH influences men and women in much the same way. The effects of growth hormone on metabolism, immunity, cognitive functions, heart health, and cellular regeneration are similar. The primary difference is how quickly it takes males and females to receive these benefits.

In a nine-month study of men and women receiving the same dose of HGH therapy per body surface area, males experienced significantly greater responses for serum IGF-1 levels, bone metabolism biochemical markers, and body composition.

One suggestion is this difference is the influence of greater testosterone levels in males exerting their effects on HGH performance. HGH and testosterone have mutual synergistic impacts on one another.

The other primary difference is how HGH influences the gonads and sexual functions. HGH works in women’s ovaries to support sexual hormone production and fertility. In men, HGH influences testosterone production in the testes and promotes spermatogenesis.

While the many benefits of HGH therapy are long-lasting, stopping treatment can lead to a gradual return of previous symptoms. Concerns over the long-term use of HGH are unfounded in a study that followed people for over 18 years.

HGH therapy is safe to use for extended times under doctor supervision. Many adults can receive lower HGH dosages for maintenance once they reach their ideal state.

Results of California HRT Clinic Patients

(Male) Not being able to get up off the floor after playing with my grandson made me realize I needed to do something about my weight, fatigue, and joint pains. These problems were interfering with my life and enjoyment.

A friend suggested hormone testing, which helped him learn he had low HGH levels. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I called the number he gave me for this clinic.

My life changed that day. I discovered there was hope that I could reverse all the symptoms of “old age” that were actually due to hormone deficiency. The doctor prescribed this life-transforming treatment when my blood tests showed low HGH levels. I can finally enjoy being a grandfather the way I had always dreamed.

(Female) The estrogen my gynecologist prescribed for my hot flashes caused me to gain weight. I suffered from headaches and depression. After confiding in a close friend about my issues, I learned about her first-hand experience with HGH therapy and how it helped her lose weight, eliminate her night sweats and hot flashes, and improve her sexual desire and pleasure.

I contacted this hormone therapy clinic for a free consultation at her prompt. I discovered something I have never experienced – medical professionals who actually listen to you and care about what you have to say. That was so refreshing.

Learning that I had HGH deficiency following my blood test was eye-opening. It explained so many of the other symptoms I had learned to ignore. With HGH therapy, I have said goodbye to estrogen treatment and hot flashes. I feel and look better than I have in years.

(Female) Overwhelming fatigue was ruining my life. I had no motivation to do anything. Most days, I stayed in my pajamas and laid on the couch. I had no idea what was wrong with me until a cousin came to visit. We spoke for hours about how HGH therapy gave her back her life when she experienced similar issues.

When she left, I researched HGH doctors in my area and found this clinic. I figured it wouldn’t change anything if they couldn’t help me, but just maybe they could.

I spoke with the most wonderful hormone medical advisor – a nurse who totally understood me – for over an hour. That call gave me hope that I had not had in longer than I can remember.

Fast-forward, to three months of using HGH therapy, my life is full of travel, fun, and enjoyment. HGH therapy is truly life-changing!

(Male) After being the leading performer in my company for years, I found that the younger salespeople were starting to run circles around me. My boss wanted to know what was wrong, but I had no idea. I just had no motivation and was always tired.

That was when he confided in me that he was using HGH therapy for the same reasons. WOW! I had no idea.

He gave me the phone number and contact at this clinic, and I called for my consultation. What I learned about HGH functions in the body blew my mind. A week later, I received a call with the results of my blood test and prescription for HGH therapy.

It has been almost five months since I started HGH therapy, and I am again back on top of the leaderboard at work!