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My life has changed in so many ways over the past few months, and I owe it all to my hormone replacement therapy. Bodfish, CA, hormone specialists were the only ones who took my symptoms seriously. They recognized my hormone decline and created a personalized program that improved my focus, work performance, sex life, health, and appearance. I look and feel like a new man!


I had no idea that my body was struggling with low HGH. California HRT Clinic in Romoland ordered blood tests that provided the answer to why I was always depressed, tired, and struggling with health issues and joint pains. HGH deficiency was ruining my life until I started the treatment prescribed by this clinic. It feels so good to feel good again.


The only hormone replacement doctors in South Taft, CA, that offered free telephone consultations were at this clinic. I had so many questions, and they were all expertly answered. I was never made to feel foolish or annoyed. Getting sound advice from my medical advisor has truly helped me improve my health and quality of life.


Being overweight was taking a toll on my joints, and I struggled with weight loss. This HRT clinic in Calwa, CA, changed all that. After having a complete hormone workup by the doctor here, I learned I had low HGH levels. HGH therapy helped my metabolism improve, and I have lost nearly forty pounds in the past seven months. My body feels healthier and stronger.


Although I was not yet menopausal, it felt like I was hormonal. Blood testing showed I had low HGH. Meyers California HRT Clinic prescribed peptides to increase my HGH levels naturally. I am so thankful I found this clinic and their expert staff.


I struggled with fatigue, depression, and low libido before using testosterone replacement therapy. California HRT Clinic made it easy to get the help I needed for low testosterone. Their clinic is easier to access than driving to Bakersfield for expensive office appointments. They even send my testosterone injections to my home, where I administer them each week.