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Kings Beach California HRT Clinic

Unlock a Better Life with HRT

What HRT gives to patients

Easy and Safe Hormone Treatment in Kings Beach, California

Revitalize your body and mind with personalized HGH and Testosterone therapy

Talk to a hormone specialist to get help with treatment. They can help with symptom assessment, blood tests, prescriptions, and treatment options.

What we do

Life in California can be golden, even in your “golden years,” if you maintain a healthy hormonal balance. With the help of our renowned hormone doctors, Kings Beach residents can do just that!

Men and women throughout the Lake Tahoe area turn to our hormone specialists for help when vital chemical messengers such as testosterone, estrogen, human growth hormone (HGH), progesterone, and DHEA decline. These are aging changes, yet many people do not realize that HGH and testosterone often begin to decrease production in one’s mid to late twenties. With treatments that include bioidentical hormones, peptides, HGH, and testosterone replacement therapy, Kings Beach, CA, hormone therapy clinic can get your body functioning optimally again.

Do you struggle with mood, health, energy, sleep, or weight loss? HGH in Kings Beach, CA, might be what you need to get back on track. For some people, peptides are a viable option as they stimulate increased hormone production.

Our Kings Beach testosterone replacement and hormone treatment specialists also help you reduce the risk of developing more dire health conditions that can occur if low hormone levels go untreated, including:

Because HGH influences cell regeneration and immunity, your well-being and health can suffer without the appropriate hormone therapy. Kings Beach hormone specialists personalize your treatment following a comprehensive health and hormone level review.

Contact our testosterone and HGH clinics in Kings Beach, CA, to discover the many benefits you can expect with hormone replacement therapy. We provide confidential telephone consultations to all adults at no charge.

Hormone treatment you can get at Kings Beach HRT Clinic

HGH therapy in Kings Beach

Growth hormone treatment can provide numerous benefits, including increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, and improved energy levels.
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Testosterone therapy in Kings Beach

Testosterone treatment can help combat low testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone can cause symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and muscle loss.
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Individual Consultations and Treatment From Hormone Specialists

At Kings Beach HRT Clinic, we offer individual consultations with hormone specialists to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's specific needs.

Our hormone specialists work closely with each patient, gathering information about their medical history, symptoms and lifestyle factors to create a unique and comprehensive treatment plan.

Patients a month

We help every man and woman to balance their hormones and enhance overall well-being.

Foundation Year

Our hormone therapy treatments have helped people with hormone imbalances achieve optimal health and wellness since 2015.

How we can help you

Calling our Kings Beach testosterone therapy clinic puts you in the capable hands of leading hormone specialists. We know the importance of maintaining healthy hormone levels as you age and what can happen when vital hormones decline. Unlike other doctors who may tell you that your concerns are natural aspects of the aging process, we will explain otherwise. When the body’s receptor cells do not receive adequate hormone signals, they do not engage in their actions. That is when physical, cognitive, and emotional changes begin to occur.

Admitting you have signs of hormonal imbalance need not be frightening or embarrassing. We provide a confidential and compassionate space for you to have these conversations with our hormone specialists. For those who think they might benefit from hormone, peptide, testosterone, or HGH treatment, Kings Beach, CA, hormone therapy clinic offers our legendary telemedicine program.

Women and men in Placer County avoid time-consuming and expensive trips to a hormone clinic when they call to ask about bioidentical hormone therapy. Kings Beach, CA, hormone specialists provide services through our telemedicine hormone program.

Telemedicine enables our hormone professionals to discuss your symptoms and concerns privately over the phone. Unlike office visits where others might see or overhear you, that does not happen with our telemedicine consults. Also, since there is no time limit, you can take as long as you need to get the information that will help you make the best decision for your life. Our hormone and testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Kings Beach, CA, require only a blood test, physical exam (any doctor), and online health form completion. We even provide low-cost blood analysis through a lab near you.

Call our hormone and HGH doctors in Kings Beach, CA, for your free consultation.

Medical doctor that helps

After hitting 60, I was feeling drained and exhausted all the time. After getting a recommendation for a free consultation at California HRT Clinic, I decided to give it a try. It has been amazing! My energy levels are back up and I’m sleeping better, plus my weight is under control for the first time in years.



After experiencing fatigue, excessive weight gain, and a lack of sex drive due to low testosterone, I decided to get testosterone replacement therapy. Following the customized treatment plan has been life-changing! I have my energy back, can enjoy activities again, and feel like myself once more.



I’m so glad I chose California HRT Clinic for my HGH therapy. The team of professionals provided me with a personalized treatment plan that resulted in improved energy and vitality. I look and feel younger since starting my HGH therapy, it was definitely money well spent!




Our hormone doctors in Kings Beach, CA, have the extensive training and backgrounds in hormone restoration that you want when vital hormone levels are no longer in balance. The board-certified hormone specialists at our clinic bring years of experience and results to men and women searching for a better quality of life.

Our Kings Beach testosterone therapy specialists understand how your body changes due to low hormone levels. They recognize these signs immediately, eliminating the need for unnecessary diagnostic testing. Our doctors confirm your hormone imbalance through comprehensive blood analysis that they provide at a low cost.

When prescribing peptide, hormone, testosterone, or HGH therapy, Kings Beach, CA, hormone specialists look at your medical past and current health status. They carefully calculate your hormone dosage to your body’s requirements. Our doctors prescribe only the highest quality bioidentical hormones derived from natural plant sources. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical ones prescribed by our doctors have the same chemical structures as your body’s natural hormones.

Our doctors understand your desire to maintain youthful vitality as you age. Their customized treatments help you look and feel your best – no matter how old you become. From better sex to younger-looking skin, you can count on the best results from our hormone and testosterone doctor. Kings Beach, CA, hormone specialists work closely with our team of knowledgeable and dedicated medical advisors and nurses. Our professional staff provides you with compassionate care and expert guidance.

Discover how the cutting-edge treatments prescribed by our innovative hormone replacement doctors in Kings Beach, CA, can help you enjoy a better, brighter, and healthier future. Contact our hormone specialists today for your complimentary consultation.

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